Top 10 Ways to Help

There are many ways to get involved and support ConfiKids

  1. Shop AmazonSmile and pick ConfiKids as your designated charity of choice. Click here.
  2. Consider a Donation in the Season of Giving. Click here.
  3. Transfer your old VHS tapes and DVDs to new media with Forever. Confikids receives 20% for all services! Perfect Holiday Gift for loved ones and Confikids will benefit greatly! Click here. 
  4. Host your own fundraiser or virtual fundraiser. Are you involved in any programs you could maximize to raise funds? Host a Peloton class, or bake/ decorate online and the proceeds will go to our charity.  Click to tell us of your fundraiser.
  5. Does your company raise funds for charity? Mention us! We have so many ideas that we could present! Click to let us know.
  6. Know a child that could flourish with our funding? Contact us! 
  7. Does your company match donations? Let us know!
  8. Sign up for email updates and “like” us on Facebook to keep track of our events and virtual eventsClick to our Facebook page.
  9. Have more time to put into this campaign? Want to really get the word out in your town? Become a Town Liaison and work closely with ConfiKids staff to maximize those taking advantage of the program. Click to tell us about you.
  10. Join the ConfiKids Team or Youth Team for the 2021 Rodman Ride for KidsClick to learn about our efforts.