Be a GEM in a child’s life.

Every child should have the opportunity to thrive regardless of the ability to pay for the extracurricular program that suits them. By donating, even just a little each month children are able to attend karate; take a music or art lesson, but more importantly form new friendships and build self-confidence.

Did You Know ….

1. $500 is the average cost of a sports’ registration for one child.
2. $1,500 is the average cost we spend on a child for karate, dance, music or gymnastics per year.
3. $12,000 is how much ConfiKids could potentially spend on one child if we funded them from 1st to 8th grade.

Be a GEM and start donating today!






As a GEM, you’ll not only see the sparkle in the kid’s eyes who will benefit from your thoughtful donation; but will also be part of an exclusive community.  Attend GEM donor receptions, receive updates for the kids you support, and more!