How To Apply

Please know that with submitting this application, you need to submit your child’s free lunch program letter to Rachel at within three days of us receiving the application or we cannot review and it will be declined.

ConfiKids funds children in grades 1-8 only.

If your child age/grade falls outside these perimeters, we will not be able to review, you will not receive an email back from us.

Thank you for applying to ConfiKids! Please be sure the application is filled out entirely. The more detail the quicker the process.

Our mission is to help children build confidence by learning a new skill or sport.

Please read all the information found at the bottom of this page.

If this program does not run, in cancelled or child decides not to attend, it is understood that ConfiKids and program coordinator for the particular activity will work out a refund of funds or channel into another likewise activity that is mutually agreeable from the child/applicant and ConfiKids.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for funding decision and check mailed to vendor. For programs with a tighter deadline, please understand, we will do our best to secure payment before the program begins – but there is no guarantee. ConfiKids takes precautions to ensure all data submitted is secure and private. However, we cannot be held liable if data is compromised.

We work directly with the studios, program directors, coaches and teachers who provide the activities that children seek to enroll in. We need share pertinent information on the application with these individuals and ask for discretion. This request is made for funding for a particular activity or program.

Please note: we do not fund summer day camps. We focus on particular activities (dance, karate, soccer, etc). One week or one program specialty camp with a focus (theater, tennis, cooking) will be considered but full-day camps (town recreational, YMCA, YWCA, etc) are not considered for funding. Only one week/program per child will be approved during the summer.