How it Works

At ConfiKids, we believe every child should have the opportunity to participate regardless of the ability to pay for the enrichment program that suits them.

For children to be eligible for a Confikids award, they must :

  • Be in Grades 1-8
  • Be a resident of Barnstable, Bristol, Norfolk, or Plymouth counties in Massachusetts
  • Be eligible for their school’s free lunch program based on financial need. (Schools are serving free lunch by the state of Massachusetts; but, to meet Confikids’ financial need requirement, it is the child’s free lunch based on financial need letter from their school that we need to receive; NOT a letter only referencing free lunch due to the state of Massachusetts.

Examples of what we will provide funding for:

  • Town youth sports
  • Music lessons
  • Art lessons
  • Karate
  • Gymnastic Lessons
  • Dance

What we will not provide funding for:

  • Certain Club Teams
  • Summer camps that are not focused on one art/ music/ sports develop
  • Any sleepover camps
  • Strictly Educational Programs
  • Several activities at one time for one child. We have a strict one activity at a time policy.

Quarterly Funding:

  • ConfiKids funds children on a Quarterly basis.
  • Our Quarters are as follows:
  1. January 1- March 31
  2. April 1 – June 30
  3. July 1 – September 30
  4. October 1 – December 31
  • Each Quarter presently has a $30,000 budget unless indicated otherwise.
  • If funds have been depleted before a Quarter end date, we will close the Quarter and reopen the next Quarter. If your application is declined due to lack of funds, please resubmit your child’s application at the start of the next Quarter.
  • Our first priority is to the children we are already funding in their programs, our mission is to have them grow in confidence and not end their funding, and possibly training. This is no guarantee for continual funding but it is our objective.

How to Apply:

  • Anyone (parent, guardian, teacher, etc.) can be the “applicant” and apply on behalf of a child. 
  • Each child requires their own application. One application listing more than one child on it will be rejected
  • Have your copy of your schools’ letter verifying your eligibility for the free lunch program based on financial need ready to email. If not, contact your school to get the letter. We are aware that all schools are serving free lunch provided by the state of Massachusetts; but, upon your request, your school will process the paperwork to determine financial eligibility for free lunchIt is this financial eligibility letter we need to receive, NOT a letter only referencing free lunch due to the state of Massachusetts.
  • Speak with the activity business you want your child to attend to let them know of your interest and obtain the the start and finish dates and the price per month of the program for the child, along with a contact name and email and phone number for Confikids to contact. You will need this to complete the online application.
  • Fill out the online application here in its entirety (missing information delays the process).
  • Email a copy of the school letter confirming the child qualifies for free lunch based on financial need to
  • Applications are not reviewed until we receive a copy of the free lunch verification letter. We will hold your application open for 10 business days to receive your letter. If not received, your application will be declined and you will have to submit a new application when you have the letter.

What happens next:

  • Once the application and the Free lunch form is received, ConfiKids will then review the application. Please note – we will not review any application until all paperwork has been submitted.
  • ConfiKids often needs to communicate directly with the Business/ Organization in which you are requesting funding to confirm enrollment and pricing.
  • ConfiKids will then let you know whether you are approved or denied for funding. Please note – this process can take 2-3 weeks to complete. Please feel free to check in on your child’s application but we cannot rush any application through the process due to the volume of applications we review.
  • If you are denied but would like further explanation, please reach out to us at
  • If your application is accepted, we will let you know and issue payment directly to the business for the child’s enrollment into the requested activity once we confirm your child is registered. We will not pay a parent directly for reimbursement of a program.

Additional Policies

  • Once a child is accepted, ConfiKids asks that if the child then chooses not to participate, or suffers an injury or illness preventing them from completing the activity, that you email us and let us know. In many cases, we can request a refund from the business, which will allow us to help your child in the future, or another child in need.