We are getting ready for 2023!

Our Goal is $90,000 – can you help us get there?

We have two ways to participate on our team: 

1. Our Virtual Riders participate in a challenge all summer. We have: 

  • A Teen Team for kids ages 12- 20 who would like to help us create fundraisers, walk/ bike miles over the summer, and participate with other teens in our challenge.
  • Family Teams for families with younger kids who would like to participate in a challenge alongside other families to raise awareness and funds for our organization.
  • Affinity Teams. Do you have a group of friends, coworkers, workout buddies, book club, bunco group or neighbors who like to have fun together and can help us? Our challenge is a lot of fun and our teams raise funds while having a blast.

2. In-Person Riders come from all ages and all skill levels to ride on our team. Being a part of the Ride on Ride Day is a 25 mile or 50 mile challenge held on a very inspiring day! 


What is the Rodman Ride for Kids (RRFK)?

Rodman for Kids is a convening non-profit organization that raises funds for youth-focused social-service organizations supporting positive youth development. Their mission is for all children in our community to have every opportunity to grow and succeed.

Their signature event is the Rodman Ride for Kids, which offers youth-focused Affiliate Charities a cost-free convening platform to raise funds for their programs and engage in collaborative opportunities. The Ride for Kids has raised more than $146 million and impacts tens of thousands of kids each year. We are proud to be a Partner Organization!