We are accepting registrations for the following categories:

  • Most Patriotic Home

  • Most Patriotic Porch

  • Most Patriotic Boat

We will have one last category winner, Most Patriotic Overall, which will be chosen by our Committee.

Accepted registrations are our entrants to our contest.

Click Here to Register!

PLEASE Pay $10 Entry Fee by donating $10 here.

We will accept registrations through Saturday, June 26th.

Our staff will process the registrations and start adding the contestants photos with category they are participating in on June 28- June 30th. At this time, there will be no access to commenting or liking contestants photos.

Starting July 1st through July 7th, our page will allow commenting and liking photos.

We ask that you scroll though the submissions and vote for any photos you feel would WIN our contest. It is as simple as that!

No, you do not have to have registered in order to vote! Anyone can vote!

July 7th at 6:00 pm, our contest will end and there will be no more commenting/ liking the page’s photos.

Our winners will be announced  July 9th. 

As a fun bonus to participating:

July 1 – July 7 Each day we will ask folks to find a “hidden item in one of the photos” and to Direct Message  answers through Facebook… posting under the photos will only allow others to see the answer and limit their possibility for being awarded a prize.

Each day a small prize will be awarded one participant through random selection who “found the object”. We will announce this winner each day!

Our winners will win great prizes for each category that are listed on the page from June 14 – 26th!

We thank Old Navy for sponsoring our contest this year and providing many of our prizes!Contest Rules: Your address must be provided on application. This address is for internal use only and will not be listed on our social media site.

There will be no demonstration of political views with photos or comments. Applications with photos with any political reference will not be shown on our site and comments using political language will be removed. This contest is about unity and showing our Patriotism and not about political opinions.

Submitting any photo to Confikids allows us to use this photo in our contest or any marketing material or winning announcements on our social media and website.

ConfiKids has the authority to add or delete any post, comment or photo that we deem not in line with our mission to provide a FUNdraiser and boost confidence.