Smile Coordinator

Provides coordination of applications, reviewing and processing candidates for funding and overall assistance in support of the Executive Director/Founder.


  1. Provides for coordination, implementation, administration, and technical guidance related to our process and services. Reviews documentation and provides recommendations and follows through with requests.
  2. Analyzes and evaluates data and creates reports for the Executive Director and Board.
  3. Maintains the application database to be current.
  4. Maintains a close and collaborative working relationship with the Executive Director, Board Members and families to ensure effective communication regarding concerns, resolving problems, and helping to streamline the application process.
  5. Adjusts to constantly changing organizational strategies, policies, and initiatives.  Works proactively to foster positive relationships with vendors and acts as liaison to the families.
  6. Collaborate with Marketing to develop Testimonials; may be required to utilize Survey programs and provide reporting on measured successes.


  • Positive, outgoing person with a strong work ethic and energy.
  • Computer skills to include data entry; maintaining application database, Google Doc, providing reports.
  • Patience with explaining/guiding applicants through the required process.
  • Ability to take direction while also creatively  sharing ideas for processes, programs, managing volunteers and reporting to the Board.
  • Strong organizational abilities, filing hard copy documents and task facilitation.

LOCATION:  Southeastern Massachusetts
ALARY:  $15/hr – Flexible Part Time Hours Approx 12 Hrs per Week.
Remote work available.
Please submit your application no later than February, 11, 2022.
A resume is helpful but not required, please submit your resume or questions to