Our Funding for Quarter Two is Presently on Hold

Quarter One (January – March 2020) we had distributed $25,000 for children’s participation in sports, music, art, gymnastics, karate, dance and enrichment. Quarter Two was to begin April 1, 2020.
At this time, with the COVID-19 pandemic causing enrichment programs to temporarily close their studio/ gym doors and postpone such programs, our funding is also on hold. Sports seasons have also been delayed (and in some cases canceled) due to the need to socially distance to flatten the curve of this pandemic.
ConfiKids is committed to starting our application process once the programs that we fund for children are confirmed to start. Our state and country leaders  are unsure when this is possible at this time. We hope to start our cycle as soon as possible and are committed to the children we serve. However, to pay for programs that might not be able to run would not be a wise choice for our funds at this time.
Thank you for applying to ConfiKids and we hope to see your applications starting as soon as possible.