Welcome to Pumpkin Fest 2020!

Welcome to PumpkinFest! 

We have street lists and maps available on this page for you to use on your visual tour of our Pumpkin Displays. (click here for street lists: Foxboro List of Streets and Bourne List of Streets )

(This was SUCH a great idea that two communities wanted to run it independently – you can view your town/ adjacent town only and vote! Can’t get enough? Take a 45 minute drive to the other community! Not necessary but fun! )

These maps will have stars indicating the streets that Pumpkin Displays are to be found. We are not providing the actual addresses but the star will give indication as to where on the street it will be. We have used maps available online so disregard any numbering and pay attention only to the stars. (And the sponsors! Yes, pay attention to them- they brought this fun to your community!)

When you locate an official PumpkinFest Display (and the sign with the name and # of the display will easily identify it). Check it out and make notes! When you are finished viewing all the displays then you will be able to VOTE for the winners in 3 Categories:

  • Funniest
  • Most Creative 
  • Best Use of Venue 

CLICK HERE for our Bourne Entries Video

CLICK HERE for our Foxborough Entries Video

Be sure to list the # and Name to avoid any confusion. Please vote here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VHPCWNZ


Any multiple votes from the same email/ person will be deleted. 

You will have through October 28th to check out all the displays but the sooner you see our displays the best they will look – so get your family/ friends out there EARLY!

The votes will be tallied and the winners announced in each community on October 30th!

GOOD LUCK Participants and Have fun Voters!